Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sell or buy or both

by Craig Kurtz

Sell or buy or both
but the exit is up
next. Test pattern or
turn content, press
pound to set.

In or out or pause,
left contest the contrast.
Negate or accept, hold
right for risk.

File or save or change
but the debit runs now
through. Task complete
when obsolete.

Spend or pay or not
but restock then report.
Clear. Tomorrow always
starts today.

Miss or pass or go,
instant choice or credit
later. Here & now marked
down. Quick.

Stop or fund or raise
then anticipate past cost.
Invest percent or skip
pay rate. Time.

Think fast or far but
what you do is who
you are. Society sold

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