Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stretcher Case

by Paul Tristram

It is a contradiction completely,
when the thing sent to help you
is actually making you feel worse.
That awkward juttering and rocking
motion bringing seasickness to the land
that you are rapidly being carried over.
To the point where you are constantly
swallowing and trying not to breathe
to stop your soul (which has become
precarious like a goldfish in a bowl
that’s been temporarily forgotten
and balances on top of a moving car!)
from actually bursting out to freedom
from one of your clenched orifices.
The Riot is still in full swing
as everything shudders to an  halt
and the inside of an ambulance roof
comes sliding into view
and a calmer kind of movement
interferes and now takes its place.

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