Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, July 6, 2014


by Marc Carver

I saw my dad two days ago
the first time in a year.
He is not the big man I remember anymore.
He has shrunk and he has that turkey neck.
He is still guarded
but now in a different way.
He didn't much want to see me
and i didn't really want to see him either.
We sat in the my overgrown garden
and he did most of the talking
I did not have a lot to say.
I hardly recognize him anymore
but  after a while he was glad to see me again
and when he left
I thought it would probably be at least another year till i saw him again.
None of us are getting younger I said.
They would all start dropping soon.
The aunts and uncles and each other's sisters.
Yea the next time i will see him as at someone's funeral
for some a sad occasion.
For others a day out.
a final resting place.
Death always brings people together or rips them apart.

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