Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, December 26, 2013

angry knowledge

by Linda M. Crate

blue lagoons dance with fish. epiphanies of tomorrow dance on their unwritten tongues. i wish i could write the future as the stars do. pull them out of the sky and scar the fish with promise of today. yet the universe is known for giving me exactly what i don't want or need. i broke my ribs and poured my red blood into the sky to dance with the vampire clouds. but they didn't discern me any wisdom, and my heart was carried away by the wolves. this is a true story, but i let them go. i don't need a heart beating in my chest, but around the world. let me fly with the birds, let the petals of me dance in the wind, kiss some knowledge into my body. let my lips kiss provocation of the angriest knowledge, whose infinite depths change the world.

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