Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adam Smith Nosebleed

by M.N. O'Brien

See that mountain?
See that bump
In the carpet of the Earth?

Revenge is subtle: not me,
Nor divine isolation, spins
The web of grandest design.

Enough artificial saints!
Halo-headed saints!

You and your artificial “wildernesses!”
Is that even a word?

I've already seen your favorite car commercial.
It's nothing out of the ordinary, nor original.
Ordinarily. Enough!

I've bared too many “We Buy Gold!” pawn shops
Sold at a higher price just to see a Satan cursed
To shed that snake-guy-in-the-grass skin of his!

Why can't people worship Satan in peace and love?
“God-as-a-Dictator” jokes are off-limits?
Why is your throat not dry for the newest game on a cell phone?

I couldn't control the journey of numbers.
How many times do you think Jesus
showed up to a championship event?

I'll tell you the truth:
The Sun takes it with him.

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