Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Can Only Imagine What’s Buried Beneath

by Meg Tuite

Stacks of dust-ridden blank greeting cards
that will be sent to no one.
A chipped Kuan-Yin statue with fingers
amputated from too much shit
confronting her rocky path
Stacks of bills
Saved for no one’s gullet but guilt.
A phone cradled, but never answered
Columns of books that move
in closer
sick to death
of holding their breath
and ready to crack if only...
A computer submerged in between life & housebroken swine
savors its own torture
refusing to reboot, reconnect, recommit
or a blinding scream illuminates
unrestrained radiance
Flashing pop-ups vibrate across the screen
Blow-out auctions
Quick assault weight loss and
wrinkle-freeze  home is where the money is
what year did you graduate?
long distended love
while you
waste time that was already pilfered
zoning out one world for another
mesmerized by a dancing screen
that promises a life
dilated by a drug
no pharmaceutical could possibly
side-effects include...


  1. Wonderful poem. Love!!

    "Columns of books that move
    in closer
    sick to death
    of holding their breath"