Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, August 16, 2012


by Christine Tsen

Her little side cape sits empty
but for memories
dogs barking welcomes and warnings
the imprint of a woman humming cheerful songs
as she sits neighboring on a blue bench
chatting banter to chipmunk chitter
her morning glory in blue and pink
eyeing the world from her view
a little girl young mother grown wise.

I cringe remembering that pointless argument
with her
I was a teenager
and how I couldn’t wait to be on my own
to get out
away from that little house
that had grown smaller
and smaller
as I grew

She gestured at me yelling
I’ll break your heart
in the end,
I’ll be gone and oh you’ll wish me back again
even if only to fight with
And it’s true, I do
oh mother I do.

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