Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Friday, November 25, 2011


by Mike Berger

The honky-tonk piano was playing it hot.
The moonshine was raw not the best of
the lot.

Introducing myself to a table of ladies,
I told them, "I'm big Al, no doubt you've
heard of me." A bevy of giggles followed.
They all laughed but the lady in black.
She looked down her nose and her eyes
said, "Oh please."

Sitting at their table, I bought them a
round of drinks. They all seemed pleased
except for the lady in black, who replied,
"Thank you, but I'm good." A pug nosed
blond ran her hand over mine. She batted
her eyes. The lady in black laughed, shook
her head, and looked away

Fascinated, I ask the lady in black to
dance. Taken totally by surprise when
she nodded yes. Her slender body moved
as if it were choreographed. "You're not
like the others," I commented. She
puckered her lips and knitted her forehead
and replied, "I'm not much into juvenile
mating rituals." She paused and stared
into my eyes. "I would appreciate it if
you don't give me your razzmatazz."

All of my favorite pickup lines took to
wing. "I like that," I told her. I stared
deeply into her dark eyes. Her body
and look immediately softened. "You're
the first guy in months I've met that I
don't intimidate." She smiled as she
reply. "Why should I be afraid of a
beautiful woman," I countered.

The music changed, the Ragtime
vanished replaced by soft melodies.
The piano picker must have seen us
and changed from hot to cool. I took her
boldly in my arms and touched my cheek
on hers. Her perfume sent chills down
my spine.

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