Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

something different than the usual shit

by Stephen A. Rozwenc

maybe a baby blue elephant trunk
gently slipping beneath
the flimsy lingerie
of the terribly shrunken
collective imagination
to tease loose
a few suicidal Kewpie doll politicians

they could be cleverly disguised as nuclear armed sex toys
like Saddam Hussein
or Donald Trump's
opalescent crooning

they could five bored girls
flossing with thongs
in Spanish
on TV

they should never be confused
with the only transgender war fear button
not punished incessantly by the composite Hurdy Gurdy man
to get himself re-elected
to the exalted missionary position
of president
and Chief Mortician

la la la homophobic ha ha ha
do you believe America's Euro curio shop cure
should stop

all you have to do
is kick and scream at a few well chosen 16 million dollar a year
basketball you-know-what's

with the voice of your heart unstrung like a pearl

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