Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Clothesline

by Sarah E. White

Looking out the window
I see my clothesline
A week’s worth of laundry hangs there patiently waiting
Waiting for the next gust of wind to toss it
This way and that
Seems like we’re waiting for the next gust to blow into our lives
I watch it now blow carelessly in the breeze
Rippling and rolling
As the wind blows through it
Undulating wildly against the unpredictable breeze
Flowing with it
Just going with the flow
Like an invisible wave cresting, then crashing into a gentle wind
Being moved by it
Propelled ever forward
Elevated then dropped
Bounding about around its ripples
Letting nature change its shape and course
Over and over again
A current of life and energy pushing it aside
Left and right
Forward and back again
If only I could be so moved
So flexible, propelled
Such lovely grace, unseen yet felt
Simply allowing the wind to blow
Permitting the breeze to pass over me
Being free to dance wildly
Casting my worry and cares out with my laundry
Setting them free into the breeze

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