Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, August 7, 2011


by Jerry Fishman

Looking out with my six-year-old eyes—

Snowjello has gefrozen the universe.
Humps and hollows and mounds and marvels.

Staring at the snowworld,
I imagine I am one inch high.
A worm of an explorer,
In a parks made for a beetle,
With skis made for a newborn mouse.

I plod and plod up snow alps and down snow valleys.

Shouting into the snow wind,
The cries of a polar explorer.
Staring goggle-eyed
At the snowworld,
I imagine I am
George Washington at Valley Forge,
Three-cornered hat turned to
A meringue sculpture.

Staring at the snowmundo,
I imagine I am
Flying the Enola Gay
Over Hiroshima. Flying away as the giant snowman
Munches the sky.

Staring at the the snowscape,
I imagine I am Plastic Man
Become a skinny skin
Stretched over the snow.
I am the snow’s skin
Stretching everywhere.
But I never lose me.

Staring at the snowworld
I see Iraq
Totally covered in snow.

Only one spot of blood
A red eye in the snowall—
The bloody eye of a child’s face.

It pokes out of the snow--
A sugar-plum face.

With my six year old eyes
I feel like a snow eel
Slipping through
A snowstorm.

Snowjello has gefrozen the universe;

And me?

I am totalsnow . . .

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