Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, May 17, 2015

hopefully i put the final nail in the coffin

by J.J. Campbell

i remember when you told the cops i was the one driving
when you had your hit and run accident

looking back, that surely was the final straw

you never bothered to tell your second wife the truth

you only told her that your ex-wife turned us kids
against you and that we hated you like she told us to

you then emphasized year after year that you didn't
want to see us

but for some reason, now that your days on earth are
growing short, we were asked to come see you

my sister apparently needed some closure and went

i declined, stating that i had closure on January 23, 1995
when i slammed the door in your face after you handed
me $50 and told me you were sorry for forgetting my

by the way, i spent that money on drugs and alcohol and
had a much better time than i ever had with you in my life

i suppose people think i should feel sorry for you

that i should be the bigger person and give my father
the respect he never gave me

they don't understand that i'm simply letting you die
in peace

if i showed up, i'm pretty certain i would end it right
then and there

and that would take away my chance to see what i have
waited more than 30 years for

your funeral

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