Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Global Warning

by Nancy Gauquier

Mother Nature is mad,
The Goddess is roaring,
Kali is dancing in a whirlwind,
the Furies are spinning
storm clouds of incredulity
at the stubbornness of narrow
mechanical minds possessed
by some mythical bottom line.

Apathetic billionaires are caught
up in their game, as they mock
people with poverty, stick them
with shards of broken dreams,
and complain with pockets full
of fool's gold, cook their waffles
in crude oil, and toss in nightmare
beds full of the hungry and homeless
human collateral of their markets.

Mother Nature is mad.
She is gathering her forces.
The Goddess knows the devastation
of the human heart,
Kali wanders among the war dead,
the uncounted children,
victims of the drones.

Insatiable corporations
pump out their poisons,
spinning shrouds of dark clouds,
as the mercury is rising,
the ice caps are sinking,
and the polar bears drown
in a dying sea.

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