Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Oh to be in Puerto Rico!

by John Yohe

Oh glorious morning!
Oh women in sexy underwear!
Oh sexy underwear!
Oh wildfires in California!
Oh Big Ten football Saturdays!
Oh French people with their cheese!

Oh dogs and garbage trucks!
Oh neighbor with psycho girlfriend!
Oh pot smoking!
Oh beer drinking!
Oh crystal meth!

Oh gunshots last night at two in the morning!
Oh hip-hop bass drum vibrating in my chest!
Oh no sleep!
Oh apartment with no furniture because I’ll just be moving in a few months anyway!
Oh loneliness!
Oh loneliness that is only loneliness!
You still suck but so what! Who cares?! Fuck you!

Oh rock on day!
Oh rock on joy!
Oh rock on God even though I don’t believe in you!
Oh how I long for a lost sonnet from John Donne to be discovered!

Oh sheet!
Oh son of beach!
Oh hijo de la chingada!
Oh la chingada!
Oh let me remember this forever so I can share it with you, Captain Morgan
so that we can walk on beaches of forever
watching chicas in bikinis
and dolphins
talking about good times and singing the blues
and we could join them in talking about good times and singing the blues
they would invite us to their bonfire
and we could live together forever in Puerto Rico
or at least for the weekend!

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