Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lou's Mummy

by Julie Kovacs

Heeeeeeeey Abbott!
Look out for that mummy behind you!

Whose mummy it is
Not a helicopter mummy
nor an attachment mummy
(not the kind that is classified as one that grows from your side like a parasite)

The name is Klaris
not Claris or Clarie's
where pre-teen designer bandages can be bought.

Look out for that snake charmer holding the medallion!
The serpent instead of Lou could end up eating it
without the digestive aid of hamburger
then it would crawl off into the desert
and end up inside a crocodile.

Klaris would have to scare the crocodile into
coughing up the medallion
that would not be easy
when Mel Cooley is teaching the reptile
how to cook using a microwave

while the dancers and worshippers
in the nave of Klaris
hip-hop to “Muskrat Love.”

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