Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pirate J's (Outside Looking In)

by Shaquana Adams

I wonder what it's like to work at Pirate J's...
Serving fish all day to strangers...

Side of hushpuppies, side of fries.
They don't care, it's your food.

But do they care who you bring?
No why? Who cares?

But would they remember if you came in
with someone different than usual?

I suppose...maybe.

An interracial couple might draw an
eye or two if only for curiosity.

...No one cares

No one cares about what?
I think it's interesti--

No one cares about a white boy who once came in
with a black girl, but now dines with a white girl!

Whether they care or not... they noticed.
I think about that old conversation
every time I go to that restaurant.

A part of me always stings
knowing that other people knew.

One day I'll ask them what it's like to work at Pirate J's
and they will tell me "It's interesting".

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