Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Apology

by Tom Hatch

The nurse’s outfit
Well you are definitely the nurse
I was wrong to say you were not
I am the bum in the clouds
Which is my eh, bed I feel the
Sheets that you made for me
with military hospital corners to lay
Upon that I have to stop
Shadow boxing
The foreshadows
She offered me a lie detector test
Because she didn't believe me ok then I'll do it
Upon receipt of my sincere apology

The Apology:
The sounding horns of Gabriel
Because I need him there for my support
You my girlfriend in nurses outfit
That you wore on the
Float in our main street parade
In home town Texas drawl (this lays me flat on mercy)
But it becomes a river of mercy
Tears streaming down my cheeks

Clear and cold your shoulder
As I see the shore disappear to see
A new shore of heaven or hell
Yet to be determined until you and I arrive
But she is there happy in that sexy
Nurses outfit that I love so much thinking
The secret screams of holy whippets
A sound bite that really hurts
That I know will heal feeling a little small
Even-though I am tall 6'4" but
My heart is the same size as yours
but yours I hope is a little bigger to accept
My apology
Sorry I said “you were not my nurse”
The garter belts and white stockings are the
dead giveaway to me anyway
You really are my
Nurse that takes good care of me

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