Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Civilization’s “Little Words”

by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Little words, birds of meaning flying above anathema foes,
Pulling high from fiends wishing to quench, to bite, to consume,
Hope, celerity, burnished essence. Such representatives, as enjoy world
Rights, make poor snacks for nefarious beasts; usually, glitter
Gets stuck in maws, makes throats constrict around joyful song.

Singular sorrows cost many apples whereas entire lots of ebullient acts are cheaper.
Scapegoats, mountain sheep, other bovine, stupidly substitute for human hubris.
Few soldiers, minus their jousting sticks, sharp pointy things, guns, willingly
Inculcate bravery; rather, their most eleemosynary work involves prisoners.
Sans elevated imprimatur, battlefield cowboys live no better than common sparrows.

Ignorant of mindful thought, largely, folk tilt at effluvium, wave hands before lightening,
Run crying when hail, snow or raindrops hurl earthward. Justice’s back pocket protects
No fools, only opens admission to civilian’s fulminations, then quickly, seamlessly closes.
Armed forces are no longer successful in perjuring enemies. The enlisteds’ untruths make
Governmental tomfoolery unnecessary. Budget cuts apply, affront lawyers, not keg partiers.

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