Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Drowning of Dreams

by jan oskar hansen

The lake in this landscape of stones and sky, is dark, forbidding, yet
alluring. Like a hypnotic eye, come nearer and see me. My depth
is endless all you illegal dreams rest in my bed. Come swim in me,
dive and I will show you the sensual shock you have denied so long.
You will see your parents in a sexual embrace floating by, your lust
to join them will be unbearable, out of reach of your ejaculations.
There will no respite, no hiding place for dreams you have refused
to see. Has morning light, has rescued you from trying truths?
As you sink further down the hell of your existence shall drag you
into a flagellation of desire and you’ll see bones of those who gave
into their yearning, forever live in the hell of impossible desire.
The lid of my dark eye shudders turn back now, let me embrace
the forbidden and your secret will go unspoken, like shifting sand
in Sahara where only silence survives.

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