Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, December 5, 2010

oddly perfect

by Rob Dyer

there are no red tail hawks
nor soaring eagles in sight
only a lone spoon billed roseate
obtuse and odd, scorned by the others
those more lovely to stare at

what with that platypus bill
and pepto hue, no wonder
face planted in weeds and rooting
for bugs and such

but have you seen one on the wing?
soaring as God's gift would have it
oddly perfect in solitary flight

oddly perfect in my sight


  1. thank you Russell...a fine establishment you have here

  2. Oh my.. Oh my this is perfection in verse..
    I always have a favorite, but this one moved the others out of the way..

    your last stanza and closing line, well.. perfection....